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ジョブキッズいわて2022 を開催しました

2022/08/8 [ レポート ]

2022.8.3(水)、<the campus~トロイカの森~>で『ジョブキッズいわて2022』の、ジョブアトラクションを開催しました。



その後、皆でピザ作り体験をしました!<the campus>のトマトをたくさん収穫して、自分たちが取り付けた配管から出た水でトマトを洗って、切って、ピザにのせて焼きました。ピザはすごく美味しそうでした!



English follows↓↓

Job Kids Iwate 2022 was held

On August 3, 2022 (Wednesday), a job attraction of “Job Kids Iwate 2022” was held at the campus.

Five elementary school students experienced “plumbing work”, which is our business.

The elementary school students listened intently to the explanation of the company and the details of their work, processed the pipes under the guidance of five teachers, and managed to get water out of the kitchen safely in about two hours with various ingenuity. 

After that, the elementary school students had a pizza making experience! They harvested a lot of tomatoes on the campus, then washed them with the water that came out of the pipes they installed, cut tomatoes, put tomatoes on pizza and baked. The pizza looked so delicious!

Although it was held in the pouring rain, I hope this experience can become a good memory of the elementary school students’ summer vacation.

And I hope that they can have interest in “plumbing work” even a little.

Chinese follows↓↓

举办 Job Kids Iwate 2022

2022年8月3日(星期三),我司在the campus举行了“Job Kids Iwate 2022”。



之后,制作披萨体验开始!小学生们在the campus里收获了很多西红柿,并用从他们安装的管道中流出的水冲洗西红柿,然后切开西红柿,将西红柿切片放在披萨饼上进行烘烤。披萨看起来真好吃!