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CheX is a construction document service that allows the viewing and sharing of various documents
such as drawings, process charts, work instructions, and construction photos from iPads.


Features of CheX

Simply drag and drop revit format and ifc format data to CheX to complete the import operation. High-speed drawing allows you to operate and browse 3D models quickly and comfortably. In addition, since it holds attributive information, you can check the necessary information on the spot by tapping the component on the screen. Useful functions such as "Filter Function" and "Memo Function" are also installed, and by utilizing and sharing these functions, people can communicate smoothly.

Filter Function


You can narrow down to only the parts and elements desired.

Memo Function


You can freely leave notes on any place or part of the model.
You can also add a "color" according to the progress and share it with others.

Expected Effects of Using CheX

By improving the productivity, work accuracy and speed:
1. It reduces the commuting time between the office and the site because necessary documents can be browsed irrespective of place.
2. Documents are stored on a tablet device so can be checked anywhere.
3.The speed of information sharing and communication is improved because changes to the documents are constantly being updated.

Co-developed with YSL Solution Co., Ltd.


From the QR code attached to the processed pipe, it is possible to quickly select the component you want to see and check the installation image on the iPad. It reduces the time and effort to search for components and prevents installation mistakes.

Pure Washer

Pure Washer is a completely new air purifier that uses water to clean the air.


Features of Pure Washer

Pure washer has four basic functions to make the air environment safe and comfortable.



2.7L humidification per hour to humidify the air in the room.

2.Air sterilization

It suppresses airborne viruses by 99%
The caught airborne virus and airborne bacteria are decomposed with the power of slightly acidic electrolyzed water.


Water mist adsorbs and sterilizes odor components in the machine.

4.Air purifier

It also removes impurities in the air that cause allergies such as pollen and house dust.

Advantages of Pure Washer


One unit can cover a large space with a floor area of approximately 200㎡ (the size of one tennis court), and its effect spreads throughout the large interior space.

Surface sterilization by slightly acidic electrolyzed water

In addition to sterilizing the air, the double approach of slightly acidic electrolyzed water can be used to properly take measures against bacteria and viruses.

Easy maintenance

The only maintenance that is required by the purchaser is to clean the filter and replace the chemical cartridge. The maintenance company certified by the manufacturer will take responsibility for other maintenance requirements.

Suitable places for installation

The Pure Washer, which has excellent air purification and humidification capability in large spaces, is suitable for companies, dining rooms, halls, lobbies, etc.


Hybrid Fan

The hybrid fan rotates by the air flow of the air conditioner and is the best product
to eliminate the direct wind and temperature unevenness of the air conditioner.


Advantages of Hybrid Fans

Reduciton of Electricity Fee

It is possible to reduce the electricity bill because the temperature setting of the air conditioner can be altered by 1℃ to 3℃.

CO2 reduction

CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 20% compared to use before the Hybrid Fan because the temperature setting of the air conditioner can be set 2℃ closer to the outside temperature.

Easy to install and remove

The process is simple and the fan can be installed in about 15 minutes.

Introduction of the Hybrid Fan series

There is a wide variety of Hybrid Fans to adapt to various shapes of air outlets.

Hybrid Fan FJR


Ceiling cassette type square 4-way blowout air conditioner 950mm×950mm
Ceiling cassette type rectangular 4-way blowout air conditioner 950× 1100mm~1700mm

Hybrid fan TJR


Round anemo diameter 500mm or less
Square anemo one side is 500mm or less
System ceiling blowout type 700mm or less
Rectangular 2-way blowout air conditioner 550mm or less 650mm~1100mm

Hybrid Fan SJR


Round anemo diameter 500mm ~ 830mm
Square anemo 500mm (a side) ~ 830mm
System ceiling blowout type 680mm~780mm
Rectangular two-way blowout air conditioner
550mm~800mm 800mm~1400mm

Hybrid Fan T1


Ceiling cassette type air conditioner 1-way blowout type