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Pursue the growth and happiness of the company and everyone involved in the company. Contribute to society though the development of company business.

Equipment such as air conditioning, water supply and drainage, sanitation, fire extinguishing, are constantly operating as arteries in living spaces and production facilities.
Kondo Equipment use the know-how and the latest technology cultivated though many years of experience to construct machinery and equipment for public facilities, factories, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial facilities, apartment buildings, etc.
We provide a comfortable environment to meet your needs. The Prefabricated Piping System and Piping Unit Construction Method introduced at our own factory has features such as excellent workability, corrosion resistance, and durability, and enables more efficient piping work at construction sites and shortens the construction period.
We will continue to respond to the needs of customers in various industries and formats as a group of technicians who design comfortable environmental systems with reliable technology while adopting the latest evolving plumbing methods.



Company name Kondo Equipment Co., Ltd.


  • 【Head Office】
    33-50 Saruhashi, Sawauchi, Nishiwaga Town, Waga County, Iwate Prefecture
  • 【Kitakami Supervise Office】 
    2F.6-13.Distribution Center, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
  • 【Kitakami Processing Center】
    1F.6-13.Distribution Center, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
  • 【Hanamaki Factory】
    19-10-12,higashi-12-towr,Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture
  • 【Morioka Sales Office】
    3F.3-9-40,Kamido,Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
  • 【Miyako Sales Office】
    4-10 Kuroda-Town, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture 1st floor room1
    TEL:0193-62-6920(FAX combined use)
  • 【Sendai Sales Office】
    5-1 Kamisugi, Aoba Word, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
  • 【Tokyo Sales Office】
    1F.2-34-14 Sendagaya, Shibuya Word, Tokyo
Phone number 0197-62-5090(Kitakami Supervise Office)
FAX number 0197-62-5091(Kitakami Supervise Office)
Representative Chief executive officer Masahiko Kondo
Established date June 9,1992
Capital 30 million yen

Permission number

● Construction License Permit
"Governor of Iwate permission(Special-2) No.8502 Plumbing business"
Governor of Iwate permission (General-2) No.8502:Civil engineering work/Mechanical equipment construction/Water supply facility construction business/Firefighting facility construction business/scaffolding・Civil engineering and construction work
● Industrial waste collection and transportation business license
● Registered as a first-class CFC filling and recovery company

Number of employees

106 (as of May,2022)

Business contents

Plumbing and sanitary equipment・Air conditioning equipment・Fire extinguishing equipment
Plant plumbing・Civil engineering work・Machinery equipment construction
Water pipe laying work (water supply pipe work)・Prefab piping processing
Manufacture of piping unit, piping base, and support bracket・Design and construction of other pipe work

Group Companies

AXIS Co.,Ltd.
1-2-20 Hitotsuya, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Construction contracting of building equipment and pipe construction business

ACES Co.,Ltd.
Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture Distribution Center 6-45
Business: Environmental survey / measurement / building environmental management / septic tank maintenance / various equipment management

Main customer (In any order)

Nishihara Engineering Co., Ltd. / Nippon Dry-Chemical Co., Ltd. / OAK SETSUBI CORPORATION. / SHIN NIPPON AIR TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD. / Fuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. / Kawamoto Industry Corporation. / Techno Ryowa Corporation. / ASAHI KOGYOSHA CO.,LTD. / Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. / SANKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD./ MAYAKAWA MFG. Co., Ltd. / SAIKYU KOGYO CO.,LTD. / Doya Equipment Co., Ltd. / DAISHIN INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. / OYAMADA ENGINNIERING Co., Ltd. / Iwachiku Co., Ltd., / Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture / Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture / Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture / Iwate Prefecture


April 1974 (Showa 49) Established Kondo equipment in Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture (Representative: Eizo Kondo)
June 1992 (Heisei 4) Kondo Equipment Co., Ltd. established (capital 5 million)
2002 (Heisei 14) Masahiko Kondo appointed as President
2004 (Heisei 16) Kitakami Sales Office opened
April 2006(Heisei 18) Kitakami Processing Center opened
February 2007 (Heisei 19) Changed organization from a limited company to a stock company
April 2008 (Heisei 20) Morioka Sales Office opened
December 2011 (Heisei 23) Increased capital to 30 million
October 2012 (Heisei 24) Kitakami Sales Office moved (current location)
April 2013 (Heisei 25) Kitakami Office moved (current location)
January 2015 (Heisei 27) Opened Sendai Sales Office
October 2015 (Heisei 27) Sendai Sales Office relocated
December 2017 (Heisei 29) Tokyo Sales Office opened
December 2018 (Heisei 30) Morioka sales office moved (current location)
April 2019 (Heisei 31) Opened Hanamaki Factory
March 2020 (Reiwa 2) Miyako Sales Office opened

Business introduction



We have established a complete in-house system that performs design, processing, and construction as an integrated system, that aims to improve on-site efficiency and clear various issues to meet the business, and customer, needs of the time.

■ Design


3D laser scanner

We use a 3D laser scanner to save time and improve the accuracy of the site survey.

Point cloud data analysis

Point cloud data is scanned by the 3D laser scanner then analyzed and converted into a 3D drawing.


BIM data is generated, and processed pipe production drawings and on-site construction drawings are created and provided.By linking with point cloud data, it is possible to save labor in comparison to conventional modeling work.


BIM models can be viewed on-site by using the cloud, so staff can respond instantly.

■ Processing A prefab pipeline processing & piping unit construction method are adopted.


① Machining by skilled staff and high-performance equipment ensures a constant supply of high-quality, and uniform products.
② Labor cost and on-site work can be reduced by saving manpower through machining, which also greatly reduces the causes of accidents. Work can be performed safely regardless of the site environment.
③ By processing at our own processing center, we can reduce the amount of industrial waste, such as scrap materials and wood, that used to be generated onsite. At the same time, the construction period can be shortened by intensive processing in a short period of time.

Fire equipment certification has been obtained.

・ Pipe end flange joint ・ Burling machined joint ・ Roll groove type housing type pipe joint

■ Construction The construction work is completed by staff who not only have high technical skills, but also have experience and knowledge from a wide range of work on a variety of sites.

Award History

June 14, 2021 Nishihara Sanitary Industry Co., Ltd./Safety Award "Morioka Branch General Office Water Supply Equipment Improvement Work"
July 8, 2021 Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd./Excellent technician "SNK Takumi" award
July 9, 2021 Kawamoto Industry Co., Ltd./Safety Award "Komeri PW Mizusawa store new construction work Fire extinguishing equipment work"

the campus

At "the campus," visitors can actually experience keywords such as "off-grid," "organic," "circulation," "dual-use," "dual-bases," and "creativity. In other words, it is a place for experimentation to explore projects that connect people with nature, people with people, rural areas with urban areas, and the past with the future, all while having fun.



・Yuda Milk Corporation Co., Ltd, new factory construction (mechanical equipment construction) /2021

・Hiraizumi World Heritage Information Center construction /2021

・Iwate Prefectural Hanakita Seiun High School, air conditioning installation (mechanical equipment) /2021

・Komeri PW Mizusawa store construction and fire extinguishing equipment construction /2020

・New Central School Dining, new center construction /2020

・Iwate Prefectural Nishiwaga High School, large scale repair work (mechanical equipment) /2020

・Iwate Prefectural Ofunato Hospital, large scale repair work (sanitary equipment) /2020

・Iwachiku Co., Ltd., new construction (mechanical equipment, cooling protection) /2020

・Kitakami District Fire Association Nishiwaga Fire Staion, new construction (mechanical equipment) /2020

・KIOXIA Iwate Corporation, second term mechanical equipment construction of building 510 /2020

・Disaster public housing (Kurosawajiri district, Kitakami city), new construction (mechanical equipment) /2019

・Special Care Home for the Elderly Kurarisu, mechanical equipment construction /2019

・National University Corporation, Iwate University Student Center, air conditioning equipment construction /2019

・Iwate University (Kamaishi) General Research Building (Fisheries) New Construction and Other Mechanical Equipment /2019

・Yuda district small water-supply facility, integrated maintenance project, water pipe bridge installation /2018

・General research Building (Agriculture), new construction and mechanical equipment construction /2018

・Iwate Prefectural University, Takisawa Campus, pressurized water supply pump unit renewal construction /2018

・Ishigama bread factory Michel Kitakami store construction (mechanical equipment) /2017

・Social medical corporation Hanakita Hospital, extension construction (sanitation, air conditioning) /2017

・Sawauchi Baden, septic tank renovation work /2016

・AEONMALL Morioka activation project /2016



■ Iwate Women's Advancement Certified Company (Step 2)

We have become a certified company dedicated to the advancement of women in Iwate.
We will continue to support women who work.


We have a general business owner action plan based on the "Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace".

Timeframe of the action plan

November 1, 2021~October 31, 2023

Our Challenges

Challenge① There are no female technical staff in our company.
Challenge② On-site managers often work overtime, and many on-site workers work during holiday periods.


Goal① Hire at least two female technical staff.
Goal② By December 2022, we will limit overtime hours to an average of 42 hours per person per month and work no more than three holidays per month.

Initiatives and implementation period


November 1,
2021 ~
Accept internships from female applicants
March 1, 2022 ~ Visit vocational schools, high schools, and other places of training to introduce our company.
April 1, 2022 ~ Post employment information on the company homepage
Represent to the public the roles of our female staff by posting photographs


January 1, 2022 ~ Implement no overtime days twice a month (to be set by each department).
January 1, 2022 ~ Promote the system of the acquisition of substitute holidays and a secure weekly holiday.

■ "Regional Future Leader Company"

We have been selected as a Regional Future Leader.
It is 47 years since our founding, and we aim for further progress in the next 10 years.
As a "Regional Future Leader Company", we will continue to develop a cooperative system with many municipalities and the entire region, and will play a central role in revitalizing the local economy.


■ Awards for the Construction Industry - New Field Entry

We were honored to receive an award as an encouraging company in the Construction Industry New Field Entry 2021.
Field: Service-related (retail, food and drink, service, etc.)
Business contents: Outdoor and workcation business that regenerates unused forests as tourism resources.

A description of the award for the Construction Industry New Field is explained on Iwate Prefecture homepage, as follows: * Excerpt from the Iwate prefecture homepage.
In Iwate prefecture, awards are given to raise awareness of efforts to strengthen the management of construction companies and to promote structural reforms in the construction industry. This award started in 2005, and the Governor commends efforts to strengthen the management of construction companies, such as venturing into new fields and businesses, and developing new technologies and new construction methods.

■ SDGs Declaration

We are contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations through efforts for 10 materialities.

  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン
  • SDGsアイコン

■ As a measure against COVID-19, we donated a Pure Washer to Sawauchi Hospital in Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture.